H&M Transport LLC - Manassas VA

Ambulatory Transport

We provide assistance

Our drivers help patients who may not be in a wheelchair but need assistance entering or exiting a vehicle. Individuals who use assistive devices when walking could also benefit from this service.

Bariatric Transport

Safe, comfortable transport

Our vehicles are designed to comfortably and safely accommodate patients over 250 lbs.

Wheelchair Transport

Your Comfort is Our Priority

Our vans are designed with a ramp. We can safely and smoothly accommodate wheel chairs onto all our vehicles.

Stretcher Transport

Designed with maximum safety

Our vehicles are able to accommodate stretchers. If patients are unable to sit upright and need to be transported laying down we are able to transport them comfortably at a reasonable price.

wheelchair and stretcher transport
H & M Transport is a Non-Emergency Medical Transport company providing transportation to individuals with limited mobility such as those who no longer can drive themselves, and those who are wheelchair or bedbound.

“Thank you Marcos! I just wanted to let you know that all of the driving assistance we have had over the last couple of years have been excellent! Each driver has been very personable and very caring… thank you again for your service.
Best regards, Janie L.”

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Marcos of H&M Transport in Fairfax Virginia transports wheelchair patients

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