We specialize in non-emergency transportation for:

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Reoccurring appointments such as Dialysis (ask about our frequent customer pricing)
  • Assisted transportation following hospital discharge
  • Transportation services for adult family homes and senior citizen centers
  • Airport for elderly and disabled citizens
  • Assisted transportation for shopping, dining, and personal errands
  • Medical transportation support for special events
  • Transport home from outpatient surgery
  • Travel to and from family gatherings

Our drivers:

All drivers have passed pre-employment background checks, drug screenings, completed patient and elderly sensitivity training, defensive driving, and are First Aid/CPR certified.

Wheelchair Transport

As our core service, wheelchair transports account for 65% of all trips. Our vans are rear-ramp loading and specially designed for comfort and safety.

Ambulatory Transport

A safer alternative to taxis and ride-share platforms. When a passenger can walk or transfer from a wheelchair, our ambulatory service provides H&M's standards at a reduced rate.

Stretcher Transport

An alternative to expensive ambulances. When a passenger doesn't meet medical necessity, we offer similar equipment and handling as an ambulance, but at a 75% discount.

Bariatric Transport

Our specialized service is engineered for passengers over 300 lbs. using specialized equipment and techniques designed around bariatric passengers.

Special Trips & Errands

We accommodate all types of special trips such as to/from airports, family gatherings, shopping, church, errands, etc.

Our Transport Fleet

Our specially designed fleet of 63 vans are capable of safe and comfortable ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher transportation.